Capture the Long Tail
Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management
Count on Dataupia's Advanced Data Management System to double recovered revenue.

Dataupia makes Subex Moneta queries run 10x faster (bold 10x faster). At that speed, how much more revenue can you capture?
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Dataupia has gone above and beyond our expectations. We are already realizing measurable ROI from the Dataupia Satori Server and are confident that we are now utilizing our data to its fullest potential. - Thomas Shelton, Director of Operations, ITIS
NEW! Release 4.0
Bringing enterprise-class resilience and performance to Big Data analytics with Mirroring, Snapshot Backups, Embedded Analytics, and more.
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Unified Telco Solution
“A win-win for our customers who can now afford to have unlimited revenue and cost-trend visibility.”
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See Them Run--Faster
Dataupia's unique Oracle transparency brings 30+ TB analytic databases up to speed. Discover the difference speed makes to your business.
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