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Announcing Release 4.0 Bringing Enterprise-Class High Availability to Real-Time Platform for Big Data Analytics

Dataupia™ Satori Server Release 4.0

New Advances in High Availability and Performance

Dell Hardware Option

Dataupia Satori appliance is now available in a Dell server configuration. As with previous versions of the Satori Server, Dataupia closely integrated the optimized Dell hardware with data management software to deliver a unified appliance solution. The Dell-based appliance comes in two conformations — one optimized for performance, the other for capacity and redundancy. One cabinet has capacity for 1 Petabyte of user data. The appliance can be purchased in smaller or larger configurations.

Performance Compression

Dataupia has developed a unique compression technology that allows it to maintain high performance even when handling compressed data. For other databases, compression is a mechanism used for saving disk space. Dataupia's compression is aimed at improving data retrieval speeds and overall performance.

  • Row-based decompression (as opposed to page-based decompression) allows direct, indexed access to specific rows
  • Disk blocks remain compressed in the internal buffer cache, effectively increasing the size of the buffer cache
  • 3x to 10x compression depending on the type of data
  • Ability to query compressed data
  • Performance of queries against compressed data increases by a greater factor than the compression ratio (i.e., queries against data with a 5x compression ratio can run more than 5x faster)


While protection of disk failures is via RAID-5, protection against Satori server failure is achieved by mirroring nodes through an innovative approach to n+1 architecture. In case of hardware failure, Satori switches to using the mirrored data without interrupting user operations.

Array Replication

For use cases that require redundancy of a complete system, Dataupia supports array-to-array replication. Remote replication is supported by dual loading for an Active-Passive replication.

Backup and Restore

  • Backup / Restore technology specifically developed to operate in an MPP environment and to accommodate VLDBs
  • Intra- and inter-array backup leverage the speed of the MPP environment
  • Allows all Satori servers to have independent parallel backup streams to SAN
  • Supports backup to SAN or tape via third-party utilities


Database snapshots are built right into the Satori array and allow for simple point-in-time backups within the array or to external storage. DBAs will find using snapshots prior to significant updates or other special processing convenient as well.

In-Database Analytics

In-database (or embedded) analytics are user-defined operations (UDOs) coded in C. Dataupia allows UDOs to be embedded in the MPP engine. The result is that the execution of UDOs occurs in an MPP environment and on the same platform where the data resides. A SQL statement can request data and complete operations on the data all the while in the MPP environment. Shipping large amounts of data over the network is eliminated, which additionally speeds the return of results.