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Benchmarks See the operational efficiency of Dataupia's data warehouse appliance


Change the status quo.

The Dataupia Satori Server is a new class of data warehouse appliance that combines software with commodity hardware to provide non-disruptive integration to your existing Oracle or SQL Server database offering a continuously scalable architecture. Our unique capabilities ensure we deliver the infrastructure you need to maximize your investment in decision support tools.

  • Benefit from exceptional data load rates and refresh capabilities to keep your information relevant.
  • Support thousands of concurrent users.
  • Drill down from aggregate data into the underlying detailed data.
  • And save considerable operating expenses compared to traditional approaches.

Performance Enhancements in Release 4.0

With the release of Satori Server 4.0, new performance improvements have been implemented to complement the patent-pending mirroring and backup/restore solutions, including:

  • 70 GB/sec Scan Rate
  • Load and Index 5.4 TB/hr
  • Improved compression allowing 1 petabyte per 42U cabinet.
  • Snapshot backup for fast, non-disruptive backup and restore.

Performance and Response Rate

117 billions rows of data

Dataupia uniquely scales across all dimensions of your business including:

  • data
  • users
  • applications
As you can see from the chart, which summarizes a benchmark study across billions of rows of data, Dataupia offers continuous scalability even as simultaneous query volume (queries being processed by the CPU at the same time) catapults.

In the next response time example you see that Oracle on Dataupia was able to execute queries across large data sets that were never before possible. With results like these you can now look at a broad range of historical data, watch trends over extended periods of time, seek new relationships and better tool your information consumers.

Business Value

The graph shows the value a business attains from it data directly correlates to how effectively users can get answers to their questions. When data management systems perform at scale users can work with more data. It’s clear that the Dataupia Satori Server can easily support increasing numbers of users while improving query performance. These add up to more value for your business.

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