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Benefits Seamless solution to your large data management needs

Dataupia Satori Server Benefits

Large data management without the large cost

What exactly is the benefit of keeping more data readily available online? Simple. Quicker access to information means better support for decisions and more efficiency when meeting audit and reporting requirements.

Answers at your fingertips.

With Dataupia's data management system you can:

  • Keep business-relevant data readily accessible with minimal overhead.
  • Securely collect, store, and query massive amounts of data cost-effectively.
  • Augment current investments in technology to better serve your need to deliver more data, more quickly.

A seamless solution.

Dataupia fits seamlessly into existing database applications. As a result, you can:

  • Protect your investment in database technology and enterprise software.
  • Drive immediate return on investment.
  • Implement a low-risk, low-cost solution to enhance data and business systems' ability to perform.
  • Enable persistent access of up to hundreds of terabytes of data at less than half the cost of other solutions.
  • Make data from legacy and mainframe systems more accessible to business applications.

Scaling new heights.

Because Dataupia's data management solution for big data scales effortlessly, you can:

  • Ensure transparency.
  • Make certain that the infrastructure can accommodate business growth.
  • Consolidate your data marts into true enterprise data warehousing while maintaining department-specific applications.

Dataupia Overview

See an example of how to access all of your data in real time. Watch the 10 minute webinar-on-demand.

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