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Continuous Scalability Designed for Large Data

Build To Grow

Performance at Scale

In the world of big data, growing data volumes, increased demands for self-service analytics and more sophisticated information consumers are stretching the limits of our data management solutions. In fact, our DBAs spend most of their day tuning & optimizing just to keep pace with increasing requirements. And scalability isn't just about data capacity. It's about data, users and applications. The Dataupia Satori Server is the only solution that scales across all three dimensions of your business – growing data volumes, a variety of workloads and new user communities.

Because it is no longer sufficient to create analytic solutions for the strategy elite within your company, IT must balance the needs of many types of users often without adding new resources.

In this video, Dataupia's Manager of Professional Services, Thom Siragusa, outlines common scalability challenges and offers a solution.