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Customers Data Warehouse Appliance Success Stories

Customer Success

More data, real business impact.

You have heard what we have to say about Dataupia's ability to free your data. But why take our word for it? Here's what our customers have to say about how they have benefited from a new class of data warehouse appliance.

ITIS Press Release
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"ITIS' service offerings are built on proper data management and analysis. As such, we put a lot of time and research into choosing the most effective and efficient solution to improve our current data infrastructure," said Thomas Shelton, Director of Operations, IT IS. "We evaluated multiple options and considered everything from increasing traditional storage capacity to migrating to a new database. In the end, Dataupia was the clear choice because its easy integration into our current Microsoft SQL Server environment prevented a costly 'rip and replace' of our vested infrastructure. Dataupia has gone above and beyond our expectations. We are already realizing measurable ROI from the Dataupia Satori Server and are confident that we are now utilizing our data to its fullest potential."

Subex Press Release
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"Dataupia has helped us do things with our corporate IT infrastructure that we have never been able to do before," said Paul Skillen, President BT Business Unit, Subex Ltd. "With the Dataupia Satori Server we were able to power complex analytic requests that were not possible before - query performance on a large scale is simply outstanding."

Sendio Press Release

"The ability to quickly and easily implement the Dataupia Satori Server into our existing infrastructure made it a clear choice for our data warehousing environment," said Tim Lee-Thorp, VP of Marketing of enterprise email security company Sendio, Inc. "Due to the nature of our business, our data storage and retrieval requirements are substantial. Dataupia has met our specific technology needs with an affordable system that offers continuous scalability even as our data volumes grow exponentially."

Innovative Discovery Press Release

"The exponential growth of electronic evidence and compliance data made selecting the right data infrastructure imperative. We couldn't risk experiencing an ultimate performance and capacity limit that would inhibit our ability to remain competitive in our market or prevent us from meeting and exceeding client expectations," said Allen C. Outlaw, president and chief executive officer, Innovative Discovery. "Dataupia not only meets our data management needs, but also enables Microsoft SQL Server to scale. This eliminates the need to rewrite our application or purchase the traditionally required hardware to accommodate our data performance and/or capacity requirements. Our customers enjoy an affordable solution that scales to accommodate data growth and performance as needed. They are no longer forced to rely on a data management system that is larger and more expensive than their primary business concerns demand."

Focus Press Release
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"When we designed 112, Focus' secure portal for Police and Emergency Services, we knew that consolidating data from many back-end source systems into a central repository would be cost prohibitive," said Ray Green, Managing Director, Focus Group. "To alleviate this issue, we built a sophisticated agent structure that could interface with all types of data management systems. However, we found performance was limited by the capabilities of those systems. Dataupia turns that upside down. By using Dataupia as our underlying infrastructure, our solution can respond faster, and those seconds matter when a life is in danger."


Tektronix develops mission critical applications for Communications Operators to manage their networks, services and customers. "Data generated by our applications is a critical component for telecom providers to efficiently operate and troubleshoot their complex networks. We cannot afford to compromise on our use of that data because portions of it are not easily accessible," said Michael Heffner, Unified Assurance Product Director, Tektronix. "With Dataupia, we have been able to dramatically increase our capacity for storing online failed call information over several months. At the same time, we've been able to increase the speed with which we access the data while decreasing the total cost of the solution thereby allowing even our largest telecommunications customers to quickly and affordably analyze months worth of failed call logs to effectively manage, troubleshoot, and optimize their networks."

imn Press Release

"In today's fluctuating economic conditions, the importance of a scalable, cost-effective solution for data access and analysis is essential to a business' success," said Tim O'Leary, chief technology officer, IMN. "The Dataupia Satori Server's unique ability to scale our Microsoft SQL Server environment continuously allows us to obtain real-time, drilled down analytics quickly and flawlessly. In turn, these analytics provide ongoing, crucial intelligence regarding the behavior patterns of our clients' audiences."