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Data Retention & Compliance Manage enterprise application data in compliance with legal standards

Data Retention & Compliance

Happy to comply.

The exponential growth of electronic evidence and compliance data made selecting the right data infrastructure imperative. We couldn't risk experiencing an ultimate performance and capacity limit that would inhibit our ability to remain competitive in our market or prevent us from meeting and exceeding client expectations.
- Allen C. Outlaw
President and Chief Executive Officer, Innovative Discovery

Growing data retention laws require you to store more and more data every year. Compliance specialists want stringent IT controls and the ability to access a robust audit trail. Now they don't have to worry. Dataupia augments current data auditing and retention solutions by cost-effectively providing months or even years of audit data online.

Technically speaking, Dataupia's new class of data warehouse appliance enables online storage of just a few to hundreds of terabytes of data.

What does unprecedented access to all of your data enable your business to do?

  • Satisfy legal requirements and have money left over for other important projects.
  • Fulfill investigative or audit requests efficiently.
  • Securely collect, store, and query massive amounts of data cost-effectively.

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See an example of how today's companies are turning data retention requirements into business advantages.

Telecommunications Data Compliance Datasheet.