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Data Warehouse Appliances #101  

Data Warehouse Appliances #101


John O'Brien, CTO, Dataupia
John O'Brien, CTO, Dataupia

What is a data warehouse appliance? When would I implement one? How does it compare to other data warehousing solutions?

Although data warehouse appliances have been around for a few years, they're getting a lot more attention because the problem they solve — that is, working with massive amounts of data — is becoming more commonplace.

Dataupia has put together a selection of data warehouse information and resources that will help you decide whether a data warehouse appliance works for you.

  • Data Management Appliances
    Claudia Imhoff and Colin White
    These BI experts describe the different types of data warehouse appliances, how they operate, and how they fit into a data management solution from an infrastructure perspective.

  • The Energy Equation at ZDNet at the White Board
    Dataupia's CTO, John O'Brien, calculates the energy profile of data warehouse appliances. In the course of explaining how they are so operationally efficient, he covers the basics of how they work.

  • Barbarians at the Gate - Data Warehouse Appliances Challenge the Storage Paradigm
    Taneja Group Technology Brief
    Storage experts answer the question of how a data warehouse appliance differs from storage-only solutions and explain the advantages of balancing increased processing power with disk space and avoiding network overload.

  • How Do You Get More from Your Data Warehouse?
    Philip Howard, Bloor Research
    A data warehousing expert provides guidelines for defining the data management problem you're addressing and matching the right data warehouse appliance solution.

  • Evolution of Data Management
    Putting the data warehouse appliance in a historical perspective helps explain the data management challenge from the business perspective.

  • Data Management for Business
    David Hatch, Aberdeen Group
    Learn which strategies, capabilities, and supporting technologies that "Best-in-Class" Aberdeen Group survey respondents are employing to alleviate the pressure to accelerate the delivery of actionable information within their enterprises.

Getting Started

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