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Features Improve your data management platform without investing in a whole new system

Dataupia Satori Server Features

Complete data solution. Countless features.

Here, in summary form, are the features of the robust Dataupia Satori Server:


It's quite simple really. A highly purposed combination of software and hardware, the Dataupia data warehouse appliance performs all the complex work of data management without constant intervention, tuning and maintenance.

  • Built from proven, industry-standard components and open-source software, the high performance database appliance does not need specialized experts to install or maintain it.
  • Powerful data retrieval software integrates directly into the optimized hardware for ease of installation, deployment, and administration.
  • The secure Virtualization Console features dashboards with real-time statistics and configurable alerts to simplify monitoring performance and allocating usage of appliances throughout an organization.


The Dataupia appliance operates within the database's environment and coexists with database servers without affecting independent applications.

  • It operates simultaneously and natively with one or more DBMSs.
  • It can provide a federated layer under multiple databases to create a single, virtual pool of data.
  • A range of databases, including legacy and mainframe systems, can load data onto the appliance for easier access by more applications.
  • Applications and users are not even aware of the appliances' presence.
  • To facilitate compliance and IT control, the appliance's complete history is fully auditable.


The appliance is designed to scale effortlessly to handle fluctuating performance loads and continuously increasing database sizes.

  • Organizations can add hundreds of terabytes of online information in 2-terabyte increments.
  • Additional blades plug in without requiring racks to be rebuilt or disrupting the DBMS, the SAN, or dependent applications.
  • Applications can accommodate more users without sacrificing performance, because the appliance can serve data to parallelized front ends.
  • Online processing scalability occurs in all four dimensions: data volume, user numbers, throughput, and value.

Mixed Workload Optimization

Today’s mainstream data warehousing requirements stretch far beyond traditional BI analytics. The Dataupia Satori Server was designed to support many users and the varied ways information consumers query data.

Energy Efficiency

An extremely economical and environmentally friendly data warehouse appliance that combines processing and storage capacity into one system to save on overhead, power and cooling costs, and space requirements.