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Literature Read up on the Dataupia Satori Server

Data Management Literature & Resources

Learn more about Dataupia's data management solutions.

Looking to learn more about what Dataupia has to offer? Or expand your data warehouse appliance knowledge? Dataupia has gathered a number of data sheets and other data management information to help you find the right solution. Download one or all of these insightful documents or head over to our Data Warehouse Appliance 101 page to learn more.

Learn about our data warehouse appliance:

Dataupia Satori Server — an all-in-one solution – server, storage, and optimization software packaged as a data warehouse appliance – and is the first and only specifically designed for database and application transparency.

The Dataupia™ Satori Server with Dynamic Aggregation supports more simultaneous queries and concurrent users than traditional data warehouse platforms without sacrificing performance.

Read about our data warehouse solutions:

Energy Efficiency — review the Dataupia Satori Server's environmental footprint.

Data Compliance — learn how telecommunication companies are turning data retention requirements into business advantage.

Network Optimization — read how telecommunication companies are optimizing their networks for business gain.

Explore our data management services:

Jump Start Program — a five day on-site mentoring program.

Try it Yourself — our proof of concept program.

Listen to the Experts:

Visit our Industry Analyst Reports section to find out what leading experts have to say on the topic of data warehouse appliances. You can choose to:

Listen to the Q&A with the Author
Read the Q&A with the Author
Download the Whitepaper 

Visit our Industry Analyst Reports section.

Be sure to also check out the benchmark highlights which showcase the Dataupia Satori Server's ability to manage constantly changing data without causing performance degradation in the system by measuring data volume and load and refresh times.