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Lifetime Affordability Unmatched affordability

Lifetime Affordability

Lower your TCO.

The Dataupia Satori Server was deployed because of its ability to meet all of Subex's objectives: improve user satisfaction and performance, expand function scope, remove capacity limitations, ensure ease of use, adopt a future-proof solution and meet reduced footprint requirements. Cost was a consideration, and in just six months, the investment paid for itself. Aside from the low price point, we have experienced considerable savings on resources.
- Prajah Shah
Chief Architect Subex Ltd.

Total Cost of Ownership is exactly that, a picture of all the costs associated with owning a product or solution. Not just the cost of purchasing a new system but all expenses that occur downstream of that initial investment. The energy and maintenance costs of many systems can quickly outweigh the initial acquisition costs. Modifications to data management platforms can also be quite cumbersome and will dramatically increase the total cost of ownership throughout the lifetime of that solution.

Dataupia Provides 3.7 X Cost Savings

Total cost of ownership savings are found across four key ownership factors and the Dataupia Satori Server is uniquely architected to address all four:

  • Acquisition cost — A low entry price and transparent integration with existing information eco-systems results in unmatched affordability.
  • Installation cost — With system installation taking hours, rather than weeks and very low administrative needs, ease of use and associated savings extend over the solution's lifetime.
  • Operating cost — Low administrative overhead, compact design and 66% less energy usage translate into very low operating costs.
  • On-going modification cost — Unlike "Rip & Replace" solutions that require organizations to throw out their previous technology investments or limit future modifications, Dataupia enables you to leverage your existing infrastructure without complex integration requirements.

The Dataupia Satori Server's pricing model, transparency, low maintenance overhead, environmentally friendly hardware, and slight physical footprint contribute to a very low total cost of ownership that's a fraction of any alternative.

Need a complete TCO profile?

If you are currently planning for data expansion, contact us to schedule an in-depth review of your total-cost-of-ownership.

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