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Unparalleled access.

Need to look at today's data AND historical data without breaking the bank? Is that historical data on a legacy platform? Hard and expensive to get to? Not to mention time-connsuming. Dataupia can help.

The Dataupia Satori Server can take in massive amounts of data from csv files or structured ASCII files. Our configurable loader allows you to perform transformations on the data in parallel to the load--one of the advantages to an MPP architecture. Also in parallel to the load and transformation, Dataupia automatically builds the indexes. As soon as the load completes, your data is ready to be accessed through Oracle.

Dataupia's Advanced Data Management appliance can serve as your Legacy Migration or ETL platform. Contact us now to size your solution.

Traditionally data warehousing solutions have kept data based on the currency of the data and the frequency by which it is accessed. These two factors alone are no longer sufficient for meeting today's business and legal requirements. With Dataupia, all atomic level detail going back as far in history as necessary can be stored on-line and remain accessible to you in an affordable and scalable manner.

The Dataupia Satori Server allows you to keep data that's important to the business readily accessible instead of in archives, with minimum overhead. In fact, with Dataupia, you can have on-demand access to up to hundreds of terabytes of data at less than half the cost of other solutions. With unprecedented access to all of your data you can now:

  • Analyze enough data to detect anomalies or fraud patterns
  • Create truly personalized programs based on years of transaction details
  • Build more effective behavior profiles from years of detailed data instead of relying on summary data alone
  • Forecast or trend more accurately using longer histories
  • Respond more quickly and effortlessly to audit or investigative requests
  • Streamline account reconciliation and multi-payer billing

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Hear from our customer as they describe why they chose the Dataupia Satori Server as their underlying data management architecture.

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