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Respondents Cite Time, Cost and Interoperability as Major Factors in Choosing to Augment Rather than Rip and Replace Existing Data Warehousing Infrastructures

Cambridge, Mass. - October 9, 2007 - According to a recent market survey conducted by Dataupia Corporation and the Business Intelligence Network™, when it comes to data warehouse platforms, today's enterprises favor incremental augmentation over rip and replace solutions.

The study's findings, which can be viewed at, reveal that 75 percent of respondents surveyed would rather incrementally augment their current platform than engage in a rip and replace scenario to meet growing information and data warehousing demands. While this statistic on its own was not surprising, drivers such as budget approval, overall cost and time constraints shed light on the current state of data warehousing within the enterprise. The survey results also showcase a prevalent dilemma facing many data warehousing administrators and business today: pressure to deliver faster, more complex query reporting across multiple databases and new applications with current infrastructure constraints and interoperability limitations.

Budget Approval Hard to Come By for New Platforms
The Dataupia/BeyeNETWORK survey shows that with a rip and replace solution, the time from initial budget approval to deployment, as well as cost, are big concerns for enterprises across industries. Seventy-five percent of those polled said it would take more than a year to revamp their infrastructure and implement a new data warehouse solution. Drilling down even further, more than half (53 percent) estimated it could take one to three years to gain budget approval for such a project.

Rip and Replace Solutions are Cost Prohibitive
Cost was a considerable pain point for respondents across the board. Seventy-one percent said that it would cost more than $500 thousand to replace their current systems, and almost half (46 percent) reported that the cost would fall between $1 and $3 million. These expenses are largely attributed to the many interdependent parts of a data warehouse platform. Once the data warehouse database is replaced, the chances of having to change other components of the infrastructure become higher, creating a domino effect and dramatically increasing the overall budget. The thought of revamping a data warehouse infrastructure was so daunting to enterprises that when asked the likelihood of their organization approving a new platform, respondents reported that only 20 percent would be likely to do so even if a good business case could be made.

Data - A Business' Most Important Asset, Yet Ownership and Access Unclear
When asked who owns customer/client/patient data in the company, survey answers were all over the map. The percentage differences were negligible across Finance, IT, Marketing, Operations and Sales with thirteen percent of those surveyed reporting they do not know who owns the data within their organization. Additionally, the survey findings rank access to data as the most important attribute of the organization's business information infrastructure. The notion of data access across different departments speaks to the unique needs and demands of today's organization. The more individuals within the organization that can access data for their specific functions, the greater the value of that data.

Transparency Unlocks the True Value of Data
Data is a business-critical asset to virtually every organization, making access to it essential for business success. A transparent data warehouse appliance delivers unprecedented access to data by enabling different groups within an organization to concurrently share the same data while using it for their own purposes. This way, the application layer can remain the same, but different departments across an organization can view data specific to their function.

The Dataupia Satori Server meets this demand by integrating within an organization's current infrastructure, eliminating the need for an organization to change its existing system. Not only is it cost-effective and highly scalable, it also enables greater access to data across the organization through omniversal transparency, which delivers instant compatibility with an organization's existing infrastructure, removing limitations on storage capacity and enhancing all dependant applications.

"Surveys of this nature are great because they offer a bird's eye view into an organization's thoughts and priorities regarding its overall data infrastructure," said Shawn Rogers, executive editor, BeyeNETWORK. "Our work with Dataupia allows us to have our finger on the pulse of what the enterprise expects from its data, and provides vendors with valuable insight for addressing the rapidly changing needs of today's businesses."

"The results of this survey only strengthen the ideals that Dataupia was founded upon. We strongly believe that a solution that fits into an organization's existing infrastructure and enables broader access is essential to an effective data management system," said Foster Hinshaw, chief executive officer, Dataupia. "The findings from this project validate a greater market need for non-disruptive, continuously scalable and cost effective solutions, such as the Dataupia Satori Server. We understand that providing our customers with a personalized appliance allows them to better leverage their data in the manner that works best for them. We are proud to offer a solution that is built for the changing needs of the enterprise."

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About Dataupia
Dataupia brings a strong record of industry leadership to addressing the growing gap between the massive volumes of stored data and the portion that a business can use to its benefit. By architecting specialized software and industry-standard hardware into a highly cost-effective and intelligent appliance, Dataupia's solution will amplify an organization's existing information systems to provide deeper access into their data universe and more comprehensive business insight.

Founded in 2005, Dataupia is backed by Polaris Venture Partners and Valhalla Partners. Learn more at

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