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Dynamic Aggregation Increases Mixed Workload Capabilities; Delivers Interactive Reporting Functionality

TDWI World Conference Winter 2008, Las Vegas, NV - February 19, 2008 - Dataupia Corporation today announced availability of the Dataupia™ Satori Server with Dynamic Aggregation. Dynamic Aggregation enhances existing mixed workload capabilities including massively parallel processing for complex joins, data exploration and point queries, all without changing existing business applications. Dataupia delivers maximum efficiency in query performance, while simplifying data administration across a wide range of services including routine BI reporting, operational data stores and long term data archive analytics. The Dynamic Aggregation feature offers market leading pre-calculation capabilities including remarkable aggregate load rates, which refreshes aggregate data at an exceptionally fast pace while providing complete drill-down capabilities for flexible and interactive reporting.

Businesses today are under increased pressure to deliver faster, more complex query reporting across multiple databases and new applications. Dynamic Aggregation delivers outstanding reporting capabilities that meet this need. It assembles and refreshes multidimensional aggregates of large data sets and makes them available to thousands of concurrent users. This allows business users to produce reports that perform consistently fast and include complete drill-down details on massive amounts of real-time data.

Faster reporting capabilities deliver immediate benefits to businesses. Organizations that leverage flexible and agile reporting functionality can focus on delivering outstanding service rather than managing the nuts and bolts of the infrastructure. Additionally, IT departments spend less time fine-tuning the data warehouse to optimize performance, and more on the quality of information they can obtain. The Dataupia Satori Server with Dynamic Aggregation gives businesses what they demand from an effective data warehouse appliance, allowing them to cost-effectively improve business processes and insight.

The Dataupia Satori Server with Dynamic Aggregation provides a non-disruptive, cost-effective and continuously scalable way to address the demands and data warehousing requirements of today's data-intensive organizations. Its superior performance, simplicity and flexibility support more simultaneous queries and concurrent users than traditional data warehouse platforms. Specific features of the new offering include:

  • High performance pre-calculation of multidimensional aggregates for massive amounts of data;
  • Simple implementation and maintenance using SQL-92 tools for defining multi-dimensional objects;
  • Provides a user-driven aggregate environment and an intuitive web interface that does not require database administrator expertise;
  • Dataupia's Omniversal TransparencyTM allows multidimensional aggregates stored in the Dataupia Satori Server to be fully accessible via Oracle, SQL Server and DB2 environments without application changes;
  • Easy to implement multidimensional aggregates that provide extraordinary load rates, allowing data to refresh at operational rates of every 15 seconds;
  • The ability to define multidimensional report sources without affecting physical or logical data models; and
  • Extreme flexibility for rapidly building, refreshing and rebuilding aggregates.

"In today's highly competitive business environment, information consumers desire transparent mixed workload capabilities that ensure full access to detailed data without having to build and access specialized data silos. The Dataupia Satori Server with Dynamic Aggregation addresses this need head on, and offers executives and staff alike a huge business advantage through exceptional and flexible reporting capabilities," said John O'Brien, chief technology officer, Dataupia. "Dataupia has focused uniquely on the mainstream data warehouse requirements of business users, and has worked hard to understand and build this new capability, which we believe allows users to quickly, easily and cost effectively respond to changing business requirements."

The Dataupia Satori Server data management system is an all-in-one solution - server, storage, and optimization software packaged as a data warehouse appliance - designed specifically to deliver persistent access to as much data as an organization needs. The combination of highly specialized software and powerful processors allows large amounts of data to remain on-line and ready for use. The Dataupia Satori Server installs quickly, requires little administration and allows for omniversal transparency and continuous and seamless scalability for increased users and data.

About Dataupia
Dataupia brings a strong record of industry leadership to addressing the growing gap between the massive volumes of stored data and the portion that a business can use to its benefit. By architecting specialized software and industry-standard hardware into a highly cost-effective and intelligent appliance, Dataupia's solution will amplify an organization's existing information systems to provide deeper access into their data universe and more comprehensive business insight.

Founded in 2005, Dataupia is backed by Polaris Venture Partners, Valhalla Partners, and Fairhaven Capital. Learn more at

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