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Legal Document Management Solutions Provider Chooses Dataupia™ Satori Server to Increase Access to Electronic Evidence and Compliance Discovery Data

Cambridge, Mass. - March 24, 2008 - Dataupia Corporation today announced that Innovative Discovery has selected the Dataupia™ Satori Server to power its Electronic Data Discovery (EDD) solution. Dataupia will allow Innovative Discovery to increase access to electronic evidence for civil and criminal litigation and compliance discovery data sets, which are increasingly large and complex.

Innovative Discovery provides customers with evidence capture consulting, digital forensics and electronic document discovery services. With electronic media now the main element of evidentiary documents, law firms and corporations have seen an exponential increase in the volume of data they need to access and manage. Because they need to collect and process evidence quickly and accurately, it is vital that data is delivered immediately and in a usable format. The Dataupia Satori Server's scalability and transparent integration with existing data management infrastructures enable Innovative Discovery to efficiently handle growing data volumes while delivering the high performance solution that the digital legal services sector demands.

In addition to affordability and ease-of-use, Innovative Discovery was attracted to the Dataupia Satori Server's Omniversal™ Transparency layer, which ensures compatibility with existing infrastructures. Dataupia's seamless implementation removes limits on storage capacity and enhances all dependant applications. In addition, the Dataupia Satori Server provides persistent access to data by allowing multiple users to concurrently process complex queries against massive amounts of data.

"The exponential growth of electronic evidence and compliance data made selecting the right data infrastructure imperative. We couldn't risk experiencing an ultimate performance and capacity limit that would inhibit our ability to remain competitive in our market or prevent us from meeting and exceeding client expectations," said Allen C. Outlaw, president and chief executive officer, Innovative Discovery. "Dataupia not only meets our data management needs, but also enables Microsoft SQL Server to scale. This eliminates the need to rewrite our application or purchase the traditionally required hardware to accommodate our data performance and/or capacity requirements. Our customers enjoy an affordable solution that scales to accommodate data growth and performance as needed. They are no longer forced to rely on a data management system that is larger and more expensive than their primary business concerns demand."

"Innovative Discovery is at the forefront of legal document management and compliance discovery. They are an exciting customer to work with," said Foster Hinshaw, chief executive officer, Dataupia. "The advancements that Innovative Discovery is making in the areas of computer forensics and electronic document discovery are helping the justice system make more informed decisions in legal proceedings. By serving as the underlying platform for their eDiscovery system, Dataupia is looking forward to contributing to the evolution of the legal document management market."

The Dataupia Satori Server data management system is an all-in-one solution - server, storage and optimization software packaged as a data warehouse appliance - designed specifically to deliver persistent access to as much data as an organization needs. The combination of highly specialized software and powerful processors allows large amounts of data to remain on-line and ready for use. The Dataupia Satori Server installs quickly, requires little administration, and allows for Omniversal Transparency and continuous and seamless scalability for increased users and data.

About Innovative Discovery
Innovative Discovery is a comprehensive provider of legal document management solutions. ID's services include evidence capture consulting and computer forensics, electronic document discovery (EDD), hosting of electronic documents, on-line review, scanning, coding, litigation copying, and trial graphics.

The mission of Innovative Discovery is to provide consistent, high-quality litigation support solutions. We have invested in the best technologies available and recruited some of the industries top professionals to realize this end.

Despite the many complexities involved in providing solutions to our clientele, our ultimate success can be reduced to three simple principals; Quality, Capacity, and Customer Service. We view these principals as analogous to a three-leg stool. If you take one of the legs away, the stool falls over.

About Dataupia
Dataupia brings a strong record of industry leadership to addressing the growing gap between the massive volumes of stored data and the portion that a business can use to its benefit. By architecting specialized software and industry-standard hardware into a highly cost-effective and intelligent appliance, Dataupia's solution will amplify an organization's existing information systems to provide deeper access into their data universe and more comprehensive business insight.

Founded in 2005, Dataupia is backed by Polaris Venture Partners, Valhalla Partners, and Fairhaven Capital. Learn more at

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