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Product Overview Server, storage, and optimization software packaged as a single appliance

Dataupia™ Satori Server

Announcing Release 4.0! — Release 4.0 delivers the superior levels of performance, availability, and resilience required by mission-critical operations that rely on real-time analysis of large amounts of data.
Learn more about Release 4.0 and read the press release.

An Overview of Our Data Warehouse Appliance

The Dataupia Satori Server is an all-in-one data warehouse solution — server, storage, and optimization software packaged as a single appliance. It is the first and only specifically designed for database and application transparency. Dataupia delivers persistent access to as much data as an organization needs. The combination of highly specialized software and powerful processors allows large amounts of data to remain on-line and ready to be accessed by reporting or analytics applications. The data warehouse appliance easily dovetails with your existing data center infrastructure to quickly augment the reach and performance of applications that depend on data. The Dataupia system delivers:

  • Persistent Data Access — Economical online storage of data, self-propagating data redistribution, and rapid processing of queries against large amounts of data keep data accessible.
  • Optimized for Mixed Workload — Dataupia offerings are based upon Dataupia's record optimized storage™ architecture which automates the selection of data access method to ensure maximum efficiency in query performance, while simplifying data administration across a wide range of mainstream data warehouse query services.
  • Continuous Scalability — Continuous, incremental scalability without disruption.
  • Omniversal Transparency — Supports applications running on Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases natively. Accepts data from a range of legacy systems (including mainframe), making previously isolated data available for reporting and mainstream analytics.
  • Energy Efficiency — Fewer storage servers required, therefore less space and energy used. Efficient power consumption and cooling. Industry compliant (UL, CE, and RoHS compliant) meets standards that exist today.
  • Plug-and-play installation — Fully integrated appliance architecture that integrates easily into current data center setups.

Review benchmarks

The benchmark study highlights the Dataupia Satori Server's ability to manage constantly changing data without causing performance degradation in the system, including measuring data load and refresh times.

Benchmark Highlights