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Customer Loyalty Programs Gain deep insight into your customers' experience

Customer Loyalty Management


Customer loyalty programs are valuable, but not all are created equal. Those that improve the bottom line do an effective job of tracking, monitoring and analyzing performance in near real time. Organizations who want to manage these large and growing data repositories face these challenges:

  • Accurately calculating customers lifetime value which changes over time
  • Detecting behavior indicators across seasons and life changes
  • Track, store and analyze customer analytics related to loyalty programs ROI
  • Monitoring loyalty transaction data in near real time
  • Align loyalty programs with customer purchase behavior
  • Integrating loyalty programs with channel distribution partners
  • Measuring results over years of historical data – loyalty program benefits mature over time
  • Standing out against the saturated loyalty card market

Data is at the center of all of these challenges. Unparalleled access to that data drives deep insight into your customers' experience. Finding an efficient and cost-effective way to keep enough detailed customer records online and available so that you can retain profitable customers is a business imperative. But how do you get IT and business owners in sync to achieve these results? Dataupia's data warehouse appliance delivers unprecedented access to business-critical data by augmenting your organization's existing data management systems.

Business Owners Ask IT Hears Dataupia Answers
How can I get access to all of my customer's history? How am I going to integrate all of these data points?
How can I afford it?
Load data in real-time, while supporting thousands of simultaneous request for information.
How do I find my most profitable customers to refine my loyalty programs? How do I segment our customer database across all relevant fields without degrading reporting performance? Track, monitor and manage years of detailed customer data without changing your database, campaign management tools or taxing your IT resources.
How do I improve my customer experience across all product and service offerings? How do I bring together transactional and historical data from multiple touch-points in real-time without blowing my budget and exerting all of my resources? Bring together all of your loyalty program information into a single, cost-effective and easy to manage repository that is kept updated in real-time.