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Network Optimization Keep detailed data online and available for diagnostics and optimization

Network Optimization


The Dataupia Satori Server is a certified Oracle platform for Tektronix UACN CDR Browser and is the CDR analysis platform of choice for other leading telecoms solution providers.

Are you finding your efforts divided between making sure your company's network infrastructure is operating smoothly and laying the foundation for carrying tomorrow's load? Your company's ability to thrive depends on both—optimal service now and the ability to offer more types of services in the future.

Just keeping current networks running can be a challenge with issues like these:

  • Inconsistent quality of service creating dissatisfied customers
  • Poor equipment utilization causing over-purchasing
  • Inability to diagnose systemic failures leading to high maintenance costs

Finding an efficient and cost-effective way to keep enough detailed data online and available for diagnostics and optimization is a business imperative. But how do you get IT and business owners in sync to achieve these results? Dataupia's data warehouse appliance delivers unprecedented access to business-critical data by augmenting your organization's existing data management systems.

Business Owners Ask IT Hears Dataupia Answers
Can I have access to all information on customer touch points to provide quality customer service? How am I going to integrate all of these data points?
How can I afford it?
Extend your current data platforms and tools to access all of the data coming in from your network with an extremely low entry price point and attractive total cost of ownership.
Do we have the ability to diagnose systemic failures? How do I get all the data about equipment utilization into one view? Implement a non-disruptive, low-cost solution that lets you load and analyze data from all system sources in real time. Real-world load rates of 1 billion CDRs per hour. Queries against 170 billion CDRs complete in seconds.

Customer Success Profile

One telco customer is able to look at 90 days of CDR data instead of just 3 days at comparable cost. That level of information adds considerable value to the business. Now they have a better idea of how to balance utilization, where to initiate pre-emptive optimization, and which equipment investments to make.

Certified Tektronix Platform

This success story is based on the certification testing we ran for Tektronix with their CDR Browser. The Dataupia Satori Server allows users to take full advantage of Tektronix data collection capabilities. With the lowest price performance ratio in the industry, Dataupia provides online access to trillions of xDR data points at a fraction of the cost of other Oracle architectures.

Learn how Dataupia can help you make the most of your network data. Read the datasheet.

Network Optimization Datasheet


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