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Warrant Inquiry Response Access current and historical data from a variety of sources quickly

Warrant Inquiry Response


Data retention laws not only mandate that telecommunications companies retain certain data for fixed lengths of time, agencies also expect that data to be readily available for police and security investigations. Servicing the flow of requests around this data is expensive. Most regulations mandate that wireless and landline communications providers retain detailed call data for years such as:

  • Source and Destination
  • Date, Time, and Duration
  • Type of Communication
  • Communication Device
  • Location of Mobile Communication Equipment

Meeting data retention and retrieval regulations involves accessing current Call Detail Records (CDRs) as well as historical data that is often stored off-line and pulled from a variety of sources. Finding an efficient and cost-effective way to keep detailed data online and available for security investigations and legal discovery is a business imperative. But how do you get IT and business owners in sync to achieve these results without blowing your budget?

The Dataupia Satori Server brings additional capacity to existing data management infrastructures without changes to database platforms or applications through Dataupia's ominversal transparency™. Dataupia's data warehouse appliance makes it possible to process multiple requests against hundreds of terabytes of data to quickly and accurately fulfill investigative inquiries for historical, detailed data. This means that business owners get what they need without causing undue IT burden.

Business Owners Ask IT Hears Dataupia Answers
How can I get access to both current and historical data in near real-time? How am I going to integrate all of these data points?
How can I afford it?
Real-world load rates of 1 billion CDRs per hour. Queries against 170 billion CDRs complete in seconds.
How do I keep the cost of data retention and retrieval from impacting my other business processes? How do I provide an affordable data management option? High value and low TCO, 1/4th of other solutions. Integrates easily with existing database applications and other enterprise data sets.

Customer Success Profile

One telco customer can now fulfill agency requests in seconds with the level of detail necessary for good investigative work. And they can do so at 20% of the cost of building out a traditional data storage solution.

Learn how Dataupia can help you streamline your data compliance infrastructure.Read the data sheet.

Data Compliance Data Sheet