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Transparency Augment your current data infrastructure without disruption


Unmatched investment protection.

Dataupia recognizes the value of your current skills, processes and technology. As a result, we've designed a data management solution that leverages your existing investments by seamlessly augmenting your environment to deliver persistent data access without disruption to your company's technology, business processes or people. Dataupia eases the many burdens associated with data management initiatives through a technology approach called Omniversal Transparency™.

Data Management Platform

Your business is comprised of a complex set of people, processes and technology infrastructure; all of which rely on data in different ways. At the center is your data management platform. Any changes to this central platform will impact all dependent components of your information eco-system. For example, changing your database will affect application integration, lead to new workflows, and ultimately demand new training for your employees. Cascading changes can be very costly.

Omniversal Transparency shields applications and users from changes to the underlying platform by complementing your Oracle or MS SQL Server databases and their dependent applications. Unlike other solutions that displace existing technology, the Dataupia Satori Server's innovative design extends your existing information eco-system to include unprecedented access to data for greater business insight across all members of your organization.

Preserve business flexibility

The benefits of Dataupia's approach are far-reaching. Dataupia provides a solution that:

  • Minimizes risk and shortens your time to results by leveraging existing skills
  • Makes it easy to add new data sets and data models, rapidly integrate new applications into your decision support systems, while at the same time providing growing numbers of information consumers with data
  • Offers a low TCO by simplifying sharing data across applications and removing database optimization challenges

Dive into the details

Get all the facts about the Dataupia Satori Server, a new class of data warehouse appliance.

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